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We help create a better world by making organizations safer, more efficient, and more sustainable through technology innovation. Today, that mission resonates more than ever: the opportunity of Industry 4.0 data and platform intelligence make these amazing times to be in our industry. We have an incredible opportunity to change the world we live in and do great things for the organizations and colleagues we serve. The journey from managing risks and incidents to preventing them is most worthwhile, and we look forward to sharing that journey with our customers.

About us

We are market leader in providing sustainability, risk management, EHS software solutions. Hundreds of industry-leading enterprises and millions of users worldwide rely on our solutions to align practice with value to support corporate and operational goals and meet stakeholder expectations, while remaining responsible, productive, and safe.

The Future of Air Emissions Reporting

Organizations are setting ambitious targets to become carbon neutral, to minimize air pollutant emissions, and to prove their commitment to the long-term sustainability of their own organization and of the planet. How can the technology of today help these organizations meet their environmental goals of tomorrow? Watch the video HERE

Meet sustainability goals with better data, reporting, and engagement

Achieve sustainability goals through efficient collection and management of environmental and corporate social responsibility (CSR) data. Ensure quality and auditability of ESG data to calculate and report on sustainability performance. Create comprehensive ESG reports to communicate transparently with stakeholders, suppliers, customers, partners, and investors about progress on sustainability goals. Drive overall business improvements through enhanced sustainability performance. Learn more HERE

Achieve accurate GHG emissions analysis and reporting

Companies need to accurately collect, analyze and report their emissions data, but calculating the emissions of complex sites and operations is difficult. Consolidating and converting data into actionable insights to help reduce emissions is also hugely challenging. The Enablon GHG Emissions software application helps you eliminate human error, perform effective scenario analysis and manage, report and reduce your GHG emissions at all levels. Learn more HERE

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Business cases

How Data collection helps BNP PARIBAS to reduce their GHG emissions
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