Future of Retail & E-commerce 2021

Rakuten France


Rakuten, created in 1997 in Japan, is one of the top 5 global e-commerce platforms. Driven by an optimistic vision of commerce as a means of growing and succeeding together thanks to technology, it positions itself as a trusted intermediary between buyers and sellers, by placing itself at the service of the latter. Rakuten promotes empowerment among its 8,000 merchant-partners (VSEs, SMEs, brands and retailers), thanks to Rakuten Corners which preserve their universe and their image online or to Rakuten Instore, an unprecedented AI of click & collect intended to generate in-store traffic. Rakuten also gives power back to buyers with Club R, the most generous loyalty program in French e-commerce bringing together more than 8 million members who benefit, without commitment, from systematic discounts of 5 to 20% in Rakuten Points, usable across all group services. Rakuten is also a committed player in the circular economy and for the empowerment of private sellers. With 50% of second-hand products sold on the platform, it has enabled them to generate more than € 500 million in additional income over the past 10 years.