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relevanC Advertising offers targeted and measurable media/marketing solutions, enriched by transactional data, to meet all the multi-channel marketing needs of brands and retailers. Our offer is open to Cdiscount suppliers, CMP advertisers, and out-of-captive advertisers. RETAIL MEDIA CDISCOUNT SUPPLIERS : We respond to your marketing and commercial challenges throughout the entire shopping experience: • CUSTOMER KNOWLEDGE: Cdiscount buyer insights via tactical surveys. • BRANDING : Display/Video for audience extension redirecting to your eco-system • COMMITMENT & CONSIDERATION : On-Site Display solutions and Content to Trade. • SELL OUT: Platform-based on-site and off-site search solutions. FMCG BRANDS Optimisation of your digital media plans in a continuous quest for performance in shops. We capitalise on the data shoppers of the Casino group's brands to set up innovative online and in-store devices that generate additional sales. NON-CAPTIVE BRANDS & RETAILERS Performance marketing solutions via modelled data clusters to generate traffic and online sales. We also assist retailers with branding and traffic generation issues at the point of sale when opening a shop or during a retail event (geo-localized display & social, SMS, in-store affiliation, telemarketing).

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