Future of Retail & E-commerce

Tuesday, February 8th


Feb 8th
08:55 am CET - 09:00 am CET

Welcome Speech

Perle, Vincent, Emmanuel
HUB Institute
Feb 8th
09:00 am CET - 09:20 am CET

[Back from NRF] Digital instore: from robots to dynamic labels, towards an autonomous store? 

How to make retail stores autonomous? What solutions for connected shelves, smart checkouts and vending machines? A panorama of innovations by Emmanuel Vivier, co-founder of the HUB Institute, who will present a selection of in-store digital solutions spotted at the NRF 2022 in New York.
Emmanuel Vivier
HUB Institute
Feb 8th
09:20 am CET - 09:30 am CET

Subscription, rental: the sustainable alternative to overconsumption?

At Rue du Commerce, we are committed to satisfying our customers and offering them a choice, especially in terms of service. To echo the CSR values of the company, after having set up our offer of reconditioned products, our Pack Reprise and our French Lab meeting, it was natural for us to turn to rental. Especially since it lends itself particularly well to high-tech! We are convinced that everyone deserves the best of technology and to remain at the cutting edge of it.
Karine Schrenzel
Rue du Commerce
PDG et co-owner 3 Suisses et Rue du Commerce
Feb 8th
09:30 am CET - 09:45 am CET

[Behind the scenes] From shopper data to in-store experience, how is Microsoft Store transforming its omnichannel customer strategy?

In order to respond to new consumer habits and create a unique relationship with its consumers, it is essential for a retailer to unify and enhance its data, while taking care of the in-store experience. This is why Microsoft has launched Microsoft Cloud for Retail, an exclusive announcement revealed during the NRF. Let's take a look at the pillars of a successful omnichannel customer strategy, thanks to the testimony of Microsoft Store. Go behind the scenes of this major player in the world of retail, to discover its retail & e-commerce transformation.
Aude Breteau
Microsoft Store France
Directrice Microsoft Store France
Membre du HUB Institute
Jean-François Gomez
Industry Solution Executive - Retail, CPG and Consumer Market
Feb 8th
09:45 am CET - 10:00 am CET

The DNA of an adaptive business - a driver for success in the digital economy. An exchange with ManoMano, Ankorstore and Stripe.

The ability of businesses to anticipate and adapt to change has proven to be a key driver of resilience and growth. In this conversation between ManoMano, Ankorstore and Stripe, you'll learn how 600 business leaders around the world are coping with uncertainty while generating new sources of revenue and growth.
Lily Cadell
Country Manager France
Myriam Bourgeot
Head of payment fraud and seller finance
Pierre Byramjee
Head of Southern Europe
Feb 8th
10:00 am CET - 10:10 am CET

Detecting data blind spots: the key to enabling a quality customer experience that generates loyalty

With customer experience a key component of brand loyalty, companies are riding the waves of digital transformation to make the most of data to support their customer experience strategies. This extends to another world of available information, however, companies must act to eliminate silos and create effective communication channels - or risk missing critical information about their customers and operations. In this session, we'll look at how to: - How to make the most of increasingly comprehensive information from an ever-growing data pool spanning the entire organization - What are the blind spots that hinder an effective CX strategy and the creation of a truly holistic view of customers and anticipate their needs.
Frederic Zalma
Treasure Data
Responsable Commercial France
Feb 8th
10:10 am CET - 10:25 am CET

How optimizing Alltricks' virtual storefront via SEO boosts online sales

Boosted by the health crisis and in full growth, the bicycle specialist Alltricks aims to exceed 300 million euros in turnover by 2024. In this context, the bicycle specialist relies on a competitive acquisition strategy that relies in particular on the most profitable acquisition channel: natural search engine optimization (SEO). Join Yohan Michel, CMO at Alltricks, as he talks with Benoit Gourdon, President Europe at Botify, about his challenges, his marketing strategy and how Botify's innovative automated solution helps him grow his web traffic while saving resources.
Yohan Michel
Benoit Gourdon
President EMEA & Executive Advisory Board Member
Feb 8th
10:25 am CET - 10:40 am CET

How Accor ensures optimal customer care thanks to excellent support service management

More than 5,200 hotels around the world benefit from ServiceNow's service support management platform. All interventions, services and maintenance are tracked and monitored in local language, with an AI assistant. This service deployment contributes to the efficiency of the customer experience, while minimizing operational costs.
Anthony Gouby
Partnership Manager IT Services
Stéphane Berlot
Account Executive
Feb 8th
10:40 am CET - 10:50 am CET

Personalization beyond customer data: how to deliver a memorable experience

It has become increasingly common to see our names in an email, or our favorite products highlighted. Yet, having this information does not guarantee delivering a good personalized experience. 96% of companies think they are doing a good job of personalizing digital experiences, but 40% of Internet users don't see value in the personalized offers they receive. So how do you go about creating an experience that matters and makes a difference? Learn how to harness the power of personalization beyond customer data.
Olivier Binisti
Principal, Digital Strategy Group
Feb 8th
10:50 am CET - 11:05 am CET

How David Lloyd Clubs used data and analytics to understand member behavior and improve their experience

Data-driven transformation can lead to better customer insight, increased revenue and reduced costs through better decision making, more efficient business processes and improved customer experience, but what does it really take to achieve these goals? Join David Lloyd Clubs and Hitachi Solutions to learn the essential steps to lay the foundation for getting value from your customer data through analytics. Steve Empson, Business Intelligence Director David Lloyd Clubs, will share his experience with this transformation and how it worked with Hitachi Solutions.
Steve Empson
David Lloyd Clubs
Business Intelligence Director
Rob Worsley
Hitachi Solutions
Head of Data & Analytics
Feb 8th
11:05 am CET - 11:20 am CET

New generation of Google Ads: The profitable bet of Petit Bateau

Reaching the largest number of customers, wherever they are, while being profitable - this is the challenge of the new generation of Google Ads, which promises to combine the power of machine learning with the performance requirements of advertisers. Petit Bateau and Havas Market were the first in Europe to test this device: discover their feedback.
Jonathan Boudault
Petit Bateau
Responsable Acquisition, E-Commerce, UX & Traffic
Maxime Molnar
Havas Market
Directeur Performance
Raphaëlle Guuinic
Google France
Head of CPG and Direct to Consumer
Feb 8th
11:20 am CET - 11:30 am CET

How Personal Shopping has become a pillar of omnichannel at Printemps

Discover how Printemps has successfully met the challenge of preserving its DNA while responding to new consumer habits. In spite of the crisis of the covid and the explosion of e-commerce, Printemps has been able to transform itself and digitalize its historical service of Personal Shopping to be closer to its customers. With livestreaming, chat, and social networks, Printemps has been able to offer a unique and differentiating e-commerce experience, thanks to the humanization of customer support.
Maud Funaro
Chief Transformation Officer
Membre du HUB Institute
Perle Bagot
HUB Institute
Directrice Associée
Feb 8th
11:30 am CET - 01:45 pm CET

[11.30am - 1.45pm] BREAK SESSION & NETWORKING (open to all participants)

Feb 8th
01:45 pm CET - 02:00 pm CET

[Back from NRF] Metaverse & 3D Commerce: what concrete applications in 2022?

How to use AR in stores? Should we invest in the metaverse? What priorities should be given to the digitalization of products? The HUB Institute reviews the latest innovations to decipher their business potential and applications in the retail & e-commerce sector.
Emmanuel Vivier
HUB Institute
Feb 8th
02:00 pm CET - 02:10 pm CET

PMU.fr : the e-Commerce turn

More than 1.1 billion euros of transactions recorded in horse betting and more than 2 billion euros in total with sports and poker: the PMU has become a major e-tailer in France. With Fatima Bouayad, PMU's e-commerce director, discover the secrets behind this little-known transformation.
Fatima Bouayad
Directrice e-commerce
Membre du HUB Institute
Feb 8th
02:10 pm CET - 02:25 pm CET

2nd Party Data partnership with Carrefour: how Artefact supports Unilever on Retail Media use cases to increase its sales

How Artefact enabled Unilever and Carrefour to establish a win-win partnership to share 2nd party data in order to identify growth opportunities and increase sales of priority product categories. Definition of 6 potential use cases and deployment according to an iterative and virtuous methodology of Artefact in 3 phases: Insights, Audience & Media Activation, Measurement of increment and optimization of use cases Description of the technological stack put in place to accelerate this implementation
Sarah Baqa
Head of Performance Marketing
Florian Thiébaut
Partner - Data-Marketing Practice lead
Feb 8th
02:25 pm CET - 02:40 pm CET

How does Decathlon boost the customer experience through omnichannel and digital initiatives?

In this presentation, follow Decathlon's testimony on the IT implementation of customer experience projects to streamline the management of consumer requests from the web, bots, voice and social networks, within Decathlon's customer relations centers.
Anthony Boutez
Product Owner
Julien Fardet
Senior Account Executive
Feb 8th
02:40 pm CET - 02:55 pm CET

How did ManoMano integrate Meta into its customer acquisition strategy?

A look back at 12 months of a strong partnership with Meta: from testing the first campaigns to developing effective customer acquisition and animation strategies.
Colin Girette
Global Media Lead
Mathieu Moreau-Camard
Client Partner, E-commerce
Feb 8th
02:55 pm CET - 03:05 pm CET

How data and technology can become a growth gas pedal for brands and retailers by improving their agility

During this session, you will learn how brands and retailers are embracing the "Future of Retail" by combining technology, data and a flexible workforce and, in the process, addressing supply chain issues, changing consumer behavior and labor shortages.
Othilie Nicod
Trax Retail
SVP, Product Marketing CPG
Feb 8th
03:05 pm CET - 03:20 pm CET

Tradition, History, Prestige and Omnichannel : feedback from an international digital acceleration

Rémy Cointreau is capitalizing on 300 years of history and 12 prestigious brands to move up a gear and meet an e-commerce demand that has exploded in 2020. The objective? To offer a premium and international experience regardless of the sales channel. Discover how Rémy Cointreau has managed to reconcile the group's DNA, its history and its values, while enabling the affirmation of prestigious brands (from spirits to champagne) through the enhancement of its product information.
Pasqual Ortuño Nuñez
Rémy Cointreau
Group IT Digital Manager
Virginie Blot
PXM (Product Experience Management) Evangelist
Feb 8th
03:20 pm CET - 03:35 pm CET

Inspired shopping: ManoMano's journey from inspiration to realization

Pinterest's priority is to make the online shopping experience as enjoyable as physical shopping. Join Anaïs Harmant, Head of Brand, Communication & Media at Mano Mano and Franck Da Silva, Head of Retail at Pinterest for a conversation around the future of shopping under the influence of data and technology.
Anaïs Harmant
Head of Brand, Communications & Media
Franck Da Silva
Head of Industry, Head of Retail & e-commerce
Feb 8th
03:35 pm CET - 03:50 pm CET

Customer experience: why modernizing your network is a success? The example of GBH

From automotive sales to food, GBH and its 15,000 employees ensure the overseas location of several prestigious brands such as Carrefour and Decathlon. Aware that the consumer's buying journey is increasingly mobile, even in-store, the brand must be able to trust its network coverage. Find out how GBH has made its Wi-Fi network the solid foundation on which it builds both its business performance and the customer experience in stores.
Jean-Christian Richard
Groupe Bernard Hayot
Eric Bornet
Juniper Networks
Directeur commercial
Feb 8th
03:50 pm CET - 04:05 pm CET

PMU's customer engagement program, for everyone and at every moment

Known to all, PMU launched a vast project to renew its engagement program in 2014 and has not stopped evolving it since. Businesses and IT are working together to offer players, both regular and occasional, the best possible experience. Find out how the company has made its engagement program a central element of the customer experience, one that is sustainable, scalable and real-time.
Arnaud de la Porte du Theil
Responsable du Domaine Client
Membre du HUB Institute
Michel Setera
Directeur Général et commercial
Feb 8th
04:05 pm CET - 04:15 pm CET

Live shopping: a must for tomorrow?

Consumers are often confused by the number of similar products available online. Through the example of Samsung and its connected watch Galaxy Watch 4, discover how live shopping can be integrated into your strategy to become a real sales lever.
Alexandra Suire
Retailink by Fnac Darty
Directrice Régie & Trade
Feb 8th
04:15 pm CET - 04:30 pm CET

User feedback as a pillar of customer experience at Rémy Cointreau 

As a leader in the exceptional spirits sector, Rémy Cointreau has set itself the goal of offering an exceptional customer experience, particularly on its online sales channels.  In a context of digital acceleration, discover how the group relies on customer feedback to improve customer knowledge, work on the positioning of its brands, enrich its e-commerce and CRM roadmaps and offer exceptional services and experiences. 
Christine Cameron
Rémy Cointreau
Group Head of CRM
Sophie Piton
Consultante CX
Feb 8th
04:30 pm CET - 04:45 pm CET

Orchestrating the end-to-end customer journey: Clarins' successful gamble

In an increasingly complex environment - increased consumer demand for immediacy and personalization, multiplication of channels, overlapping IT tools, siloed customer information - discover how Clarins relied on the Insider platform to build ultra-personalized and cross-channel customer experiences, and thus improve its conversion rate and online revenues.
Alejandra Salazar
E-commerce Content Manager
Roisin O’Brien
E-commerce manager
Fayçal Bouhdadi
Country Manager
Feb 8th
04:45 pm CET - 04:55 pm CET

Unified commerce in 2022: what challenges and perspectives?

Discover how a traditional brand such as Jonak has succeeded in implementing a unified commerce strategy to meet the new challenges of the omnichannel customer experience. Unified inventory, OMS, ship from store, unified customers and orders, Lisa Nakam, Associate General Manager of the brand presents the challenges faced by the brand and the perspectives of unified commerce for 2022.
Lisa Nakam
Directrice Générale Associée
Feb 8th
04:55 pm CET - 05:00 pm CET

[Behind the scenes] Behind the scenes of VivaTechnology 2022

Laure Wybo
Chief Business Officer
Feb 8th
05:00 pm CET - 05:05 pm CET


Perle, Vincent, Emmanuel
HUB Institute
Feb 8th
05:05 pm CET - 07:30 pm CET

[5.00pm - 7.30pm] NETWORKING COCKTAIL - HAPPENING INNOVATION SHOW (open to all participants)

Feb 8th
08:00 pm CET - 11:00 pm CET

[7.30pm - 10.30pm] 🥂GALA DINNER🥂

In accordance with current regulations, a valid vaccination pass is required to access the dinner Ask for your place* at the HUBDAY Paris gala dinner and meet all the guest speakers and members of the HUB Institute community for an evening of networking and insights in a unique atmosphere. Booking : [email protected] *Seats reserved for guest speakers, members and discovery passes.